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Developing History of IVPS

Developing History of IVPS

Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd. called IVPS for short (NEEQ: 834285) was founded in 2010.In the 7 years, SMOK became an international first-class electronic cigarette from a small unknown brand. IVPS has stuck to produce market-dominated vaporizers and committed to create innovative products and do research and development ,which brought overturn and revolution to e-cigarette industry.

Developing History

2010, Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd. was founded, and created its e-cig brand, SMOK.

2011, The Dual Coils times has arrived as the invention of dual coil cartomizers and dual coil tanks by SMOK. This revolutionary innovation has paved the way for SMOK to gain more growth.

2012, SMOK has developed the variable voltage e-cig mod Vmax and its upgraded device Zmax. And we have also developed the full mechanical output mod NATURAL mod and adjustable telescopic mechanical mod. We have gained the Patent certificates.

2013, Erupted growth and technical breakthrough have been gained in terms of new products research and developments in 2013; we have applied the cottonless technology to cartomizers and tanks like Pyrex Aro tanks and Tumbler tanks, and also used the intelligent magnet switch on mechanical mods such as Magneto mod. After that, we have produced the bottom coil clearomizers and tanks successfully. The success of variable voltage ego battery invention has magnificently signaled that the electronic cigarette has entered into a variable voltage era. Ego Winder battery is the best example of Variable voltage battery.

2014, SMOK focus on diversity, elegancy and creativity for products research and designing, there are many good representative products such as Silenus mod, Rocket mod, Shuttle mod as well as the newest intelligent Bluetooth e-cig mod BEC PRO.
SMOK launched an exclusive APP – Vaping Tour which is a smart vaporizer management and social platform.It is a place that you can show yourself, share vaping life and make friends with vapor fans all over the world.

2015, this year SMOK is once again at the forefront of the industry by launching TFV4 which is  the revolutionary atomizer with rotary top cap and triple coil.TFV4 leading a new times of atomizers and it was hot-sales in Europe and the United States since it has been listed. On November 30th, Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd. (Stock Code: 834285), has listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (so-called New Third Board) and trading via a negotiated transfer.

2016,TFV8 atomizer has been selling out over million sets in half a year, which created hot-sales legend.once again.Since the revolutionary TFV4 tank,TFV8 leading the vaping industry trend again and accelerates the technology development and innovation of electronic cigarette.
Besides, Alien kit broke the selling record of electronic cigarette industry! In just 3 months, Alien kits have been sold out over millions sets, which became the myth of e-cigarette industry. The success of Alien kit promotes the industry to reflect on the innovation of e-cigarette.

2017,SMOK launched the cloud beast king TFV12 atomizer which is very popular among the market. With good reputation worldwide,TFV12 laid a big cloud atomizer. Meanwhile, SMOK launched the taste storm spirals tank which is focus on the Vape taste. The spirals tank pioneered a new field of atomizer and its success make the vaping market attach great importance to the taste of atomizer again.