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Brand Story

SMOK Core Values: Fashion, Vitality, Responsibility

SMOK Core Values: Fashion, Vitality, Responsibility

SMOK founded in 2010 is the leading brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co Limited, which is professional in electronic cigarette research and development, production and sales in all markets worldwide. SMOK is located in Nanshan district of Shenzhen , the center of world E-cigarette supply chains. Since its foundation in 2010, SMOK has achieved an excellent reputation for its high quality, powerful innovation ability and outstanding customer service. Through continuous research and development, SMOK products are enjoyed by over 80 million consumers worldwide, making SMOK a first class global brand in the electronic cigarette industry in just 7 short years.

As the first-class international e-cigarette brand, SMOK has all kinds of electronic cigarette products, such as vaporizers from getting-start level to ultimate level and e-liquid. At the same time, SMOK not only manufactures and sells products but also provides vape friends with community service. SMOK has launched an exclusive APP – Vaping Tour which is a smart vaporizer management and social platform.It is a place that you can show yourself, share vaping life and make friends with other vapers all over the world. Now we have introduced more social and information communication function and we are committed to making it as an excellent e-cigarette vertical community. SMOK not only manufactures high quality products but we hope to empower our consumers to live a healthier life and to enjoy a healthier alternative to tobacco. Healthier and happier consumers is our passion.

In 2016 SMOK released our own line of e-liquids, branded under the name “American Dream”. By doing so SMOK has brought their place in the industry full circle, from beginning to end.

SMOK’s customer service and after sales services are smooth and efficient. With a focus on design and quality as well as first class customer service, we hope that our customers enjoy the very best in the industry., SMOK is dedicated to creating new vaping experiences for our customers as well as ensuring our customer’s daily experience is also first class. SMOK’s products are geared toward intense vapor production, elegant design, safety, and durability. SMOK holds these four factors in the highest regard because we’re impassioned if you are satisfactory.